Pizza My Mind Presented by Riverside Medical

Riverside Health System presented Pizza My Mind on Thursday, March 22nd. Located just a few minutes away from campus, Riverside has evolved into a flagship regional medical center with several other affiliates in the Virginia Peninsula area.

Dennis Loftus, Sr. Vice President and CIO, beginning the presentation

The most prominent focus of this presentation, provided by Dennis Loftus, Sr. Vice President and CIO, was on the company’s cyber security methods and checks. Mr. Loftus explained that a few weeks ago the company distributed a fake email to simulate phishing efforts carried out by hackers to test employee response. A total of 20% of employees opened it and the majority of those entered credentials. This test predated a very recent real phishing attack in which a doctor added their credentials to the fake url. Riverside has since then implemented new training programs and put in hundreds of hours of work in order to guarantee that these phishing attempts are less successful in the future.

The long process of updating legacy systems to a new and more modern technology was also discussed. Students were given a very in-depth account of the efficient processes the Riverside follows. The company presents a very strong case for competent cyber security so give them a chance as opportunities arise in the future. Interested at working at Riverside? Riverside is currently seeking candidates to join their web development team.

Dennis Loftus and David Key speaking to students

Learn more about Riverside at:

IEEE Nasa Trip

The IEEE club recently hosted a trip to NASA Langley that allowed students in the club and PCSE department to tour the campus and meet numerous researchers and engineers.

CNU students preparing for the NASA trip

Each student was provided NASA security badges and bused around the many sections of campus. The first stop was the aviation research facility where NASA engineers show off multiple planes and the research conducted towards improving flight. Students were able to learn about the collection of atmospheric data in the arctic, attempts to improve supersonic flight, and reduction of supersonic noise pollution.

Next, the students were taught NASA’s history and allowed to learn a few details about current NASA projects. A highlight was a project to develop decelerators for space missions. The materials used and some prototypes were made available for the students to interact with and study. Afterwards, students were able to see the systems used to communicate with the International Space Station and sit in seats used by actual researchers in mission control. Projects involving drones, earth science, and robotics were explained as well.

Michael S. Wusk, NASA Engineer speaking with students and faculty.

Overall, the tour provided a cool and unique opportunity to learn more about current research and cutting-edge technologies at NASA. Interested in more opportunities like this? Consider joining IEEE. For more information contact: IEEE Club

Pizza My Mind presented by ID Tech

This past Pizza My Mind was hosted by ID Tech and led by Mark Morreno, ID Tech recruiter for 8 years. ID Tech runs technology based camps over the summer with the intent of teaching younger children, usually ten to twelve, and teens about various technologies. A large number of courses are available with unity game design and coding being among them. They are looking to hire students to act as instructors at the camp.

Mark Morreno presenting to PCSE students

Instructors would be required to lead a small class of children in their area of study. A lot of time is spent inside the classroom but outside activities are also common and encouraged. Each camp has its own culture and recreational activities decided by the instructors so fun is also encouraged. There are over 190 U.S. locations to choose from. Travel opportunities are offered as well as competitive pay, internship credits, promotions, and lodging.

The instructors were showed incredible enthusiasm for their jobs and for the children under their watch. If you share this enthusiasm then ID Tech may be the company for you. Instructors at the summer camps have the opportunity to meet parents each week as well as other ID Tech employees. It is not uncommon for parents of children that attend the camps to be computer professionals themselves that may provide opportunities and new contacts to ID Tech instructors.
Give ID Tech a chance and you won’t be disappointed.

Student Questions featuring CNU senior and former ID Tech instuctor Sebastian

Apply at

Pizza My Mind by Burlington Medical

Last week’s Pizza My Mind was hosted by Burlington Medical. Burlington Medical specializes in making medical clothing that protects from radiation such as aprons, glasses, and caps. They also make drapes and other necessary items for a medical room. The company is active in more than ten countries including the US, UK, and Japan. Newport News houses one of their major production facilities so CNU students enjoy close proximity to the inner workings of the company.

Burlington prides itself on providing high quality custom products and service. The large majority of their products are measured custom for the specific customer to guarantee a comfortable fit. The most important focuses of the job are radiation protection for medical procedures such as xray and better support surfaces to prevent bedsores.

Innovation is the most important quality in a potential employee. New hires should also be humble, hungry for growth, and smart as specified by the presenters. Burlington is a market leader in scatter radiation and wants to keep growing and maintain that position. The company is growing fast so take the opportunity to get in before it grows even larger.

Student Question Section

To learn more see their site below.

SWE Escape Room Event

At the beginning of February, The Society of Women Engineers or SWE conducted an escape room event. The event took place in VA Beach and CNU students were driven their by a CNU provided van and accompanied by Dr. Lambert. After a group breakfast, the students split into two groups and both entered the escape rooms.

Professor Lambert and SWE students

The escape rooms themselves offered a chance to test problem solving skills in a stressful but low risk environment. The two groups were also in competition to see who could solve the room first. I spoke to two SWE students who were present at the event, Miya Washington and Monica Perez. Both expressed great enjoyment of the event and a desire to continue events of this type in the future. Monica went one step further and explained that she had the opportunity to meet many new girls who were a part of SWE and even shared classes with her.

These personal events give CNU students the chance to meet new people, face new challenges, and better understand the organizations that exist in order to help not just women engineers but all CNU students reach their potential. If this type of event interests you then check out SWE for yourself or any of the other numerous PCSE organizations available.

Read more about SWE here.

Pizza My Mind by MAXIMUS

MAXIMUS recruiter Thomas Griego led the Pizza My Mind presentation for last week. MAXIMUS is an international provider of consulting solutions and program manager that specializes in working for the government. The company is active in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the UK as well as other countries. MAXIMUS does not work for non government clients.

Griego beginning his presentation

The company is focused on providing innovative technology solutions to help improve government programs in order to allow citizens to better engage with their government. MAXIMUS currently has a strong reputation as a tax exempt non-profit organization funded by employee donations that are backed in full by the company. Competitive grant making programs are available. Currently the company is very successful in gaining grants as well.

The government prefers to work with Java, angular JS, HTML, and css among other programming languages. MAXIMUS software development hires are preferred to have experience in those areas.

The internship application date unfortunately passed very quickly after this presentation but for future reference MAXIMUS generally gives 45 minute interviews to new applicants. US citizenship is required. Applicants are normally asked to live in or around Reston VA during the summer.

Post presentation student questions

MAXIMUS is a very promising company who was very open to providing advice to future applicants even if that advice steers them away from MAXIMUS. If you’d like to know more check out their website.

Pizza My Mind Presented by Coveros

In case you missed Pizza My Mind presented by Coveros, a recap is below.

The presentation was led by Coveros CEO Jeffery Payne. Coveros is Payne’s second company and he is always looking to innovate. The company focuses on coaching organizations through the implementation and use of Agile development methods. The services include transforming to agile for the first time, new development under agile, DevOps implementations, as well software testing and security assistance.

Jeffery Payne addressing the crowd.

Coveros focuses heavily on two open source projects. SecureCl for DevOps automation and the test automation framework Selenified. Clients of the company include Liberty Mutual and Fannie Mae among many others. Notable projects include being brought in to help correct the infamous website and get it properly functioning as well as working with Abiomed team to transition them properly to Agile methodologies.

Employees at Coveros enjoy a relatively small company with a lot of room to grow personally through training and as a company. Coveros is looking to employ summer interns and full time employees. Long term employees at Coveros are able to access full financial details of the company as well as profit sharing in the event they company does well.

Coveros is based in the DC area and applicants are preferred to live in that area or close to it. Former Coveros intern Sadie Rynestad spoke highly of her experience at Coveros where she created an android app during her time there. She was trained in several of Coveros’ products and general junit and DevOps.

Jeffery Payne is an exceptional speaker and competent CEO who take new hires far. Consider Coveros.

Payne answering student questions

He can be contacted at

Pizza My Mind Presented by MITRE

This weeks Pizza My Mind presentation was led by MITRE Hampton Roads employee and software engineer Dorian Voegeli. MITRE does not work for profit. Instead, the company operates research and development centers funded by the federal government. As a result, MITRE is not allowed to create products by itself and instead only deal with products through the government.

Dorian Voegeli (center), Colin McRae (left), and James Tobin (right) address the audience

Currently MITRE operates research and development centers or FFRDCs in fields such as national security engineering, homeland security, advanced aviation systems, healthcare, cyber security, and more. The company also handles the social sciences as well as science and mathematics.

There are two primary campuses located in Bedford, MA and Mclean, VA. Smaller sites are located all over the country. Employees have access to technical conferences, programs to learn new skills, and possibly tuition help for advanced degrees. It is even possible to apply for funding for independent research while working for the company. Interns may enjoy intern cups or competitions.

CNU students and MITRE interns James Tobin and Colin McRae, both seniors majoring in computer science, spoke briefly about their time with the company. James was able to spend one summer at MITRE’s Tampa site to work on challenges for an intern competition. Colin, a senior at CNU this year, was able to get his internship by speaking to a MITRE employee who ran labs for CNU. Further stressing the importance of talking to people to get job opportunities. Voegeli was also capable of emphasizing the many useful opportunities that MITRE provides. The benefits are wide and may be worth looking into if you are looking for a place to work long term. The potential benefits for an aspiring PCSE major are high. It is an exciting company that you should check out.

PCSE students asking questions after the presentation

In order to apply to MITRE a 3.0 GPA is required as well as the ability to apply for US security clearance as a US citizen. Applicants for internships must be university bound and have some programming experience. Rolling applications begin in February and March while internships generally begin in the summer. Students are preferred to have experienced one functional and one object orientated language.

For more information go to their website.

Perfect Commerce Presents Pizza My Mind

Director of the Perfect Procure project and 10 year Perfect Commerce employee Barclay Schell leads the presentation for Perfect Commerce. He is joined by CNU alum Elliot Rieflin who has worked at the company for one year as a software engineer.

Barclay Schell and Elliot Rieflin (right) beginning the presentation

The company focuses on Cloud based procurement systems and e-commerce. It provides services many major companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Nationwide. Schell’s team consists of 4 CNU grads and one CNU intern so Perfect Commerce is very CNU friendly. These programming teams utilize an agile development approach to solve complex problems as efficiently as possible. One goal of the company is to build a library of Angular, a web framework built by Google for responsive Application Design, components across Perfect Commerce products. The frameworks created exist to create a visual component separate from the business logic.

Perfect Commerce has offices in many regions of the world so some flexibility in work location does exist. The company is very happy to hire CNU graduates so contact them in the future!

To learn more Barclay Schell can be contacted at or go to their website.

What You Missed at Pizza My Mind

The past Pizza My Mind featured the return of Canon Virginia for their second presentation of the year. Canon heavily emphasizes heavy community and environmental involvement. Canon’s Anne Goldberg led the presentation.

Anne Goldberg leads presentation

The American branch of Canon does not actually make cameras. Instead the branch refurbishes and repairs existing cameras. Production of copiers, laser printers, and toner cartridges also take place here. Plastic injection molding is another process now done at the Virginia plant.

The Virginia site is becoming the regional Technical headquarters for Canon. New major areas are targeted as focal points for the future of the site. These areas include Automation and Controls Engineering, Business Development Engineering, Tool Engineering, and Recycling/ Materials engineering. Medical supplies and Engineering are also growing in prominence.

Internships begin in May. Students are given a specific project to work on during their placement. While they will meet the other interns the projects themselves are separate. Interns must be working towards an undergraduate degree and be classified as a junior or senior credits wise. They must also be 18 years old.

Employees at Canon have a well defined path to advancement and the ability to rotate positions every 6 six months for 18 months as part of the Engineering Rotation Program in order to experience a wide variety of work.

Canon offers a relatively unique internship in terms of structure and a chance to work in an important industry with passionate professionals. The presenters were strong at answering questions and providing info. The interview process has begun so apply now.

The Canon team addresses student questions

If you would like to know more about Canon please visit their website.