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What You Missed at Pizza My Mind

Mark Liljeqvist, a Systems Engineering Director at Swisslog, speaks to a student.

Mark Liljeqvist, a Systems Engineering Director at Swisslog, speaks to a student.

Hello Captains! Last Thursday’s Pizza My Mind Event was hosted by Swisslog, a global company focusing on automation solutions for hospitals, warehouses, and distribution centers. Swisslog employee, Bill Leber gave a brief opening statement on the company’s solution providing philosophy before passing the mic onto speakers on behalf of each of Swisslog’s core departments.

The first speaker, Mark Liljeqvist, is a part of Swisslog’s System Engineering and Consulting branch. Employees in his field will specialize in making strategic decisions related to supply chain aspects and picking to correct technologies to get the job done efficiently. The primary technologies used by Swisslog include their in house software Warehouse Manager and other technologies such as QuickMove, ProMove, and related hardware.

Jonathan Harmon then took the stage to discuss his branch of the company, Controls. Controls allows for a large amount of experience with low level hardware and high level software through in office testing of layouts for new projects. Most of the testing is done through emulation of the site in question. The controls branch also offers significant travel opportunities in multiple countries for those interested.

Third on the list was Kahmeil Brown with the Global Help Desk. Work at the Help Desk is heavily based around monitoring customer sites and assisting in root analysis of potential down times. 99.7% of all issues are resolved remotely to offer the freedom to work in multiple locations. The help desk is also a major starting point for other career paths within the company including project management positions, data administrators, and analysts.

Finally, Bill Stewart, of the Software engineering branch, closed the presentation. Stewart discussed a recent reorganization into the North American Software and Controls Hub which will provide many new opportunities for CNU students! In the software engineering section of the company Warehouse Manager 6 will be the most used software which allows a large amount of customization for specific projects to use as they please. Manipulating WM6 is a major focus of any position in software engineering.

Swisslog is currently looking for interns to work on projects in groups throughout the semester and following summer. They have hired CNU students in the past so make sure to look into them especially if you are a junior or senior as they take priority during the hiring process. Swisslog is also hiring full time employees. Check out their site for more info.

What You Missed at Pizza My Mind – Lockheed

Harry Johnson greeting the CNU students.

Harry Johnson greeting the CNU students.

Hello Captains! Last Thursday’s Pizza My Mind Event was hosted by Lockheed Martin, a global security and aerospace company. Veteran employee Dr. Harry Johnson began the presentation by outlining the goals and values of Lockheed Martin. Most prominently the importance of a diverse work environment.

Lockheed Martin, according to Johnson, focuses on solving complex problems and striving to become the “World’s best system engineers.”  The companies’ work is expansive and covers mechanical, computer, and software engineering. Areas of interest include Aeronautics, Space Systems, Rotary and Missions Systems, and more.

Johnson continued by expressing the importance of interning. “It is most important to intern,” as most positions are filled by former interns who have already been tested and gained experience within the company. In practical terms the company would prefer to invest in interns, including opportunities for valuable security clearances, and build them into stand out employees. CNU student and Lockheed Martin intern, David Cole spoke briefly to express the importance of teamwork and linux usage during his time with the company.

Fellow Lockheed Martin employee Amy Nandy, hiring manager of the Manassas site, finished the presentation with a focus on the benefits of working at the Manassas site of Lockheed and Martin. Nandy emphasized the unique flex schedule used at the site that allows employees to work in such a way that they have each second Friday off. A position with the company also comes with numerous movement opportunities in order to “transition and try new roles,” within the company. Remember that they are active in all 50 states! So opportunities are endless once hired.

If you are interested in working or interning for Lockheed Martin then you should act fast as the fall recruiting process is already beginning. It is important to aim for at least a 3.0 GPA if possible before applying to a position! The Manassas site will be holding interview events starting September 27th! Check out the following link for more information on events and how to apply for a Lockheed Martin position.