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What You Missed at Pizza My Mind

Hello Captains! We were very excited to host a new company this past Thursday called ivWatch. IvWatch is a local medial company located in Hampton, Virginia. Their goal is to advance patient safety in infusion therapy and vascular access.


Students listening to ivWatch present


Peripheral IV’s are a common procedure that comes with common problems. About 90% of hospital patients get an IV but the current IV failure rate is 50%, 23%. These failures are due to infiltration. IvWatch has come up with a product for early detection of IV infiltration. The ivWatch Model 400 is a patient monitoring device that uses a reusable sensor cable with a visible and near-infrared light that looks for changes in the optical properties of the tissue near the PIV insertion site. If infiltration is detected, the ivWatch monitor will provide audible and visible notifications, alerting clinicians of an infiltration event. The benefit of this device is that it offers an affordable solution and immediate improvement in patient safety.

IvWatch is looking for internships and full positions to be filled. They do not require a security clearance. The positions are not specific and experience is not as important but if you are smart and are willing to work they will find a place for you. They want a resume and a cover letter and they do check social media.

If you want more information or just want to visit the website, check them out at

What You Missed at Pizza My Mind

Hello Captain’s! Back by popular demand was iDTech for Pizza My Mind. Our presenter, Mark Moreno did a fantastic job outlining opportunities that add a fun and positive experience for students who are looking to enhance and practice their technical skills.

iDTech is the world’s largest summer technology camp for kids ages 6 to 18. The company was started in 1999, in a studio above a garage overlooking Silicon Valley, California. When they first started, they had a total of 280 students enrolled over the entire summer. Today, tens of thousands of kids and teens attend each season. This company went from 4 locations to now being in 29 states and even being in two other countries.

Students asking more questions about iDTech.


The goal of iDTech is to get kids exposed to the STEM field and show the importance of higher education. Their mission is “to develop and deliver the highest quality, most inspiring, and inventive technology experiences to the next generation of visionaries—one student at a time.”

iDTech has been voted #1 in work place environment seven years running by Bay Area News Group and recruits top talent from universities like Caltech, RIT, Stanford and CNU!! If you missed this seminar and would like more information, go to

What You Missed At Pizza My Mind

Last Thursday’s Pizza My Mind was hosted ASM Research presented by Christina Neiduski and Vincent Tchong. ASM has been at the forefront of providing technology solutions for the U.S military and government. The main focus is Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS), which is the system of record for management of personnel input for training for the U.S. Army. ATRRS produces mission and resourcing documents that provide training requirements and approved training programs.

David Hamblin talking to Christina Neiduski.


The challenge started in 1970, which included some things like account for alignment of manpower and personnel need, account for filling resourced training seats, and track individuals through the training base. The solution was ATRRS, which is still in operation today. ATRRS expanded to its current capacity to provide training management system for over 600 schools and 1.2 million training seats. Some of the results are: ATRRS is a world-class Army training management system, fully capable and ready to support today’s dynamic and complex DoD environment, and increases in training seat fill. Those are just some of the results!

Some of their locations are in Chantilly and Fairfax but are also outside of Virginia. They hire in the fall for internships but do offer jobs all throughout the year. Citizenship and security clearances are not required. This company expressed they offer a balanced work life and an opportunity to grow within your role.

If you are interested in a fall internship or in a career with ASM go to


What You Missed At Pizza My Mind

Hello Captains! Before the break, the PCSE Department hosted Newport News Shipbuilding, a company that builds nuclear aircraft carriers and submarines for the US Navy. Many of you may already be familiar with NNS as they are the largest industrial employer in Virginia as well as the largest shipbuilding company in the United States.


Newport News Shipbuilding offers a great Co-op and Internship Program that allows you to combine the knowledge that you learned in the classroom with real practical work experience. Even better, the hours are flexible because they want you to succeed.

The intern program is posted and the sooner students apply the sooner they hear back from the company. It is good to apply as soon as possible because some of the positions require clearance. The application is open until February 13th. One of the requirements for the interns is to obtain a 3.0 GPA. What they want on the applicants resume is : Name, contact information, expected graduation day, and if you have any app development experience.

If you are interested, go and apply!


What You Missed at Pizza My Mind

Hello Captains! Last Thursday’s Pizza My Mind event was hosted by Midnight Status, a company that develops software and software solutions. The name “Midnight Status” refers to when gamers would attend a midnight release for video games. Great excitement and enthusiasm for entertainment is what fuels this company. They’re not just a gaming developer. They help clients with their IT needs and develop apps for business, government and entertainment purposes. Their services range from design work such as graphic design, 3D modeling and web development, to solutions such as cloud-based enterprise architectures, modeling/simulation and mobile advertising. They’re also pushing the envelope in innovations such as augmented reality and virtual reality.

Our host, Jeremy Alessi talked about a few of their successful accomplishments, in particular, the Tunnel Traffic app (2010) and Airspin (2012), a flight simulation mobile app game. You can find these apps in the App Store and at one time they were rated number one. Midnight Status also has a video chat where you can live stream gameplay. Interested in an internship or connecting with the Game Developing Community? Contact Jeremy at


Check out Midnight Status website for more information:



What You Missed at Pizza My Mind

Hello Captains! Last Thursday we had MITRE come and speak to us about the opportunities within the company. Internships at MITRE will have you working side by side with other interns and full-time staff. Interns will do direct sponsor work and be full team members. Prime candidates are not only computer science majors. They are looking for problem solvers, someone with a diverse background, someone that is part of extra curricular activities, and has passion for technology.

What is MITRE? MITRE was established in 1958 to serve the public interest. They are a not-for-profit which means the organization uses its surplus revenues to further achieve its purpose or mission, rather than distributing its surplus income to the organization’s shareholders. They work in partnership with the government,applying systems engineering and advanced technology to address issues of critical national importance.They focus on innovation, collaboration and results.



SArah Clark, a junior, electrical engineering major, interned with MITRE this past summer. Her internship was very hands-on. SArah said she was given a project and a due date to complete her assignment. Along the way, she had mentors,project leaders and co-workers that she could turn to when she had a question or was not understanding something. She also got a chance to travel to Boston and present her work to professionals. “This job opened my eyes to what a professional environment could look like. I also enjoyed the fact that my work was going to actually be used and be helpful to future programs.”, SArah said. If you have any questions or would just like to talk to SArah about her MITRE internship, please email her directly

As of right now, MITRE Corporation is accepting resumes. If you are interested in applying or want to find more information about MITRE, contact Justin F. Brunelle at or Carlton Northern at