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PCSE Grad School

On Thursday, October 3rd, Pizza My Mind took place in Luter room 121 as it does every week. But instead of bringing in employers from local companies and organizations, Dr. Siochi talked about CNU’s very own graduate program. Students with their eyes on the job market know how precarious it is right now, especially for graduates looking for their first position. Anyone concerned with this national crisis should consider applying to a five-year program CNU offers specifically to students interested in pursuing physics, computer science, or computer engineering.

Undergraduates who receive their Bachelors in science are guaranteed admission to graduate school and the admission fee is even waived. Those enrolled in the program get an additional five-year advisor, nine more credit hours, and a shiny new Masters degree upon graduation.

Freshmen and Sophomores interested in the program should discuss it with their core advisors to plan out their credits. Once Junior year arrives, students can apply! The program includes Research Assistantships in which students would assist professors in their personal research and Lab Assistantships which gives grad students the opportunity to build experience by instructing computer science labs.

Funding and scholarships are available and having a Masters degree really boosts students in the eyes of prospective employers. Anyone who is interested in the five-year graduate program should come to Dr. Siochi with any questions or concerns.

So keep up your GPA and don’t let the thesis research scare you!


Luter Hall Grand Opening

President Trible and speakers

President Trible and speakers

Captain’s Log: Luter Hall has now been christened and set sail for her maiden voyage

On October 1st, the CNU Marching Captains ushered in guests for the grand opening ceremony of Joseph W Luter III Hall. Faculty and staff, as well as alumni from the PCSE department were invited to attend; along with friends from NASA, Jefferson Lab, Northrop Grumman, Swisslog, Newport News Shipbuilding and other companies.

Several distinguished members of the Newport News community were asked to speak at the ceremony, including Delegate Chris Jones, Larry Pope, President and CEO of Smithfield Foods and Mr. Joseph W. Luter III, Chairman of Smithfield Foods and benefactor of CNU. Last of all, our own President Trible offered a few words welcoming everyone to the newest $55 million, 135,000-square-foot building, home to many different departments and majors.

After the ceremony, guests were offered refreshments and a chance to tour the facility with members of PCSE staff. Safe to say we “wowed” them all!



Google Hangout

Gerald McAlister of ACM

Gerald McAlister of ACM

Captain’s Log: We’ve successfully made contact; they’re here to offer us jobs!

On September 18th at 11am the Association for Computing Machinery hosted a Google Hangout session with Justin Kosslyn. Justin works as a product manager at Google Ideas, which is where Google creates and makes many new ideas.

At the event, Justin talked about the process of creating new projects from brainstorming to executing.  At Google there are many different projects with many different people working on them. From writers to IT professionals, everyone has something to contribute. In addition to projects, Justin also discussed the many job opportunities at Google for the average college student such as tech jobs, research positions, and internships.

ACM estimated over 100 students from all different majors showed up to the event. Everyone seemed engaged and had very positive feedback, to the delight of the event hosts. Even the Dean of the College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences, Dr. Nicole Guajardo, attended and was pleased with how the hangout session turned out.

Anyone wanting to follow up on this event should consider checking ACM which meets on Friday nights at 4pm in the Luter atrium. To get on their mailing list, just email with your name and email address or fill out the webform:

In the meantime, keep up those grades and think about gathering some experience with projects outside of class.


Gosnold to Luter

PCSE Luter


Captain’s Log: The date is May 16th, 2013 and it’s been thirty years since we’ve found an electrical socket.

For decades the PCSE department made its home in Gosnold Hall, a tiny building tucked in a far corner of campus, its shabby facade reminiscent of CNU’s humble beginnings as a two-year branch of William and Mary. While there was no shortage of electrical shortages, Gosnold did lack an adequate number of classrooms to properly facilitate learning for its students.

But following its tradition of progress and excellence, in the summer of 2011, construction was commenced for Joseph W. Luter, III Hall, CNU’s brand spanking new facility. Following May Commencement, our own beloved PCSE department moved to their magnificent new location.

Faculty and staff carried over 500 boxes and delicate lab equipment before the professional movers came for the rest and by Fall 2013 semester, the building was ready for action. 21st-century classrooms, many specifically designed to facilitate student collaboration and faculty-student interaction, and additional laboratories will provide new and enhanced learning experiences. Furthermore, dedicated research spaces for undergraduate and graduate students as well as for faculty will open up new opportunities for project work and scholarly activities.

Kick up your feet and make yourself at home because we’re here to stay!


Photos of Luter Move

Ray Koehl & Dr. Riedl

Ray Koehl & Dr. RiedlDr. Raouf SelimDr. Raouf Selim

Dr. Gore

Dr. David Gore

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