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Studying in Rosenheim


RosenheimExchange_Students Hiya Captains! Just here to tell you about an awesome opportunity that CNU offers to engineering students: an exchange program in Rosenheim, Germany. I talked with Aaron Bergel, one of four students who participated in the program last spring and he told me a little bit about the trip.

Initially Aaron wasn’t keen on the idea of studying in a different country, but the aspiration to travel to Europe eventually compelled him to apply for the Spring semester at the University of Rosenheim of Applied Sciences or “Fachhochschule” in German. He wanted to experience college life in a new culture and this was an exceptional opportunity to do so! Living in Germany for several months rather than merely travelling through allowed him to experience it properly, not through the eyes of a tourist. He also enjoyed meeting people and making friends from all over the world, “from China to Finland, and anywhere in between.”

 The most challenging aspect for Aaron was the application process, which is to be expected with any study abroad program. When you’re living overseas for several months, there’s going to be forms and plenty of them! The language barrier presented another challenge. Navigating foreign cities when you don’t know the native language is never easy. I asked Aaron if he learned any “life skills” and he felt even in the day-to-day tasks there was a learning experience, like budgeting money for trips and being open to trying new things.

To anyone looking to apply in the future, Aaron says:

“Give it some serious thought, you will look back and honestly realize you enjoyed every minute of it!”