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Jefferson Lab Internship

Howdy Captains! I hope you had a relaxing winter break and are fully charged and prepared to plug back into your school work. At the start of this new semester I bring news of an impressive young gentleman whose work at Jefferson Lab earned him a spot in the Honors Gallery.

Senior, Jordan Thomas was hired as an intern at the Thomas Jefferson National Particle Accelerator Facility to assist Dr. Brash’s team on a project involving a particle accelerator.This is a continuous electron beam and its design is unique to the Jefferson Lab. The lab’s primary goal is to research the nucleus of an atom using this machine. Jordan explained that the beam had been shut down for several years so it could be upgraded. The project he participated in involved evaluating the equipment that would detect the energy and the path of the particles in the beam.

Jordan’s work took him to the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in California to run experiments using equipment specific to that lab. Upon their return, he was assigned a solo project to find the proper voltage needed in order to detect particles in the beam.

To read more about Jordan’s experience at Jefferson Lab check out CNU’s Honors Program Gallery: and click on “James Thomas”, third from the bottom!