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Student-Faculty Research

Hi Captains! This semester, several research projects are being conducted by students and faculty. One such project is Cara Villareal’s and Rachel Wolf’s research with Professor Keith Perkins involving a 3-D model of a person and an Xbox Kinect. I got to ask Rachel a few questions about the project so far.

(L-R): Prof. Perkins, Cara Villareal, Rachel Wolf

(L-R): Prof. Perkins, Cara Villareal, Rachel Wolf

What is your research about?

Our research involves using a 3-D model of a person and an Xbox Kinect. We put the model through software that will then be able to calculate the perimeter of any part of the body to within one-inch accuracy. For clarity’s sake, say you have a 3-D model of a person and wish to take their waist measurement – the software we’re developing will/can do that. When running the software, the model is viewable to the user and a purple line indicates where the measurement is being taken.

How long have you been working on it?

We started at the beginning of this semester, so it’s been roughly three months.

What got you interested in the topic of this research?

Cara and myself had to find something to do for our Computer Science capstone. I asked Prof. Perkins for ideas and he provided a list. This one sounded the best, so we kind of just winged it upon first starting.

Would you consider it to be successful so far?

Definitely. We can take mostly accurate measurements throughout the span of the body. Our original project only required us to be able to take a single measurement.

What do you like best about working on this project?

It’s different than a lot of other computer science projects that I’ve had to do in the past. You can actually see the progress of your work visually and I think it has potential to be a useful product someday. The plan is to use it for avatar rendering, which will allow a user to try on clothes from online vendors to see how they look and then buy them using their particular measurements.