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Meet the German Exchange Students

Hello Captains! I hope Finals Week is treating you decently, and if not, hang in there! We’re almost through! This is going to be the last post of the semester, so I hope it’s a good one! I wanted to introduce to you the German exchange students that we’ve been hosting this semester from Rosenheim, Germany. I got to interview two of them about their experience here at CNU.

(L-R): Anton Gasteiger,  Dominik Frank, and Andreas Riedner

(L-R): Anton Gasteiger, Dominik Frank, and Andreas Riedner

1. What classes are you taking this semester?

Andreas: We are taking the Artificial Intelligence class with Prof. Hibler (CPSC 471), the Communication 2 class (CPSC 611) with Prof. Riedl and the Physics 401/501 class with Prof. Gore.

2. Which classes do you enjoy the most?

Andreas: Hard to tell. All 3 of them have their pros (and some few cons) for me. If I would have to choose, I would choose Dr. Riedl’s class, as he is a very relaxed professor and I’m also doing pretty good there.
Dominik: PHYS 501

3. Are the classes different here at CNU than what you’re used to back home?

Andreas: Yes, very different. Here, the number of students per class is definitely lower, the interaction between professors and students much better (in Germany, some professors enter the classroom and just start to write on the board until the class ends. No questions, no discussions, no nothing) and of course, here, you have a lot more chances to work on your grade for a class. We don’t have any midterms or graded homework in Germany. We just have our one final exam. So you have only one shot to succeed or fail. Plus, attending classes is not mandatory in Germany. Therefore, you sometimes end up going to no classes for a tired professor at all and just start to prepare for the final exam a bit earlier.
Dominik: Sure they are! I am totally not used to the homework assignments! Other than that, it is pretty much the same style of classes/learning.

4. How do you like the professors here?

Andreas: I really like all 3 professors we have, although they are completely different in their way of teaching. But here on CNU, compared to our German universities, the distance between students and professors is much smaller and the relationship much friendlier. Playing soccer with a professor after class or inviting him to a bar is not that usual in Germany.
Dominik: Very enthusiastic and really care about the students (office hours…)

5. Do you have any plans after graduation?

Andreas: Not yet. I’ll first write my master thesis in spring/summer 2015. I’m not a friend of making too many plans for the future. Life doesn’t work that way and I just love being surprised in good and bad ways.
Dominik: Work as an electrical engineer.

6. What will you tell your friends about your trip when you go home?

Andreas: That I loved it. That Americans are just as awesome as we are 🙂 at least those Americans I met. But that there are also a lot of well known prejudices about that country that have been confirmed during my stay. I will motivate everyone to go there and enjoy the states as it is a enjoyable place. But in the end, going back home will be the best part of the trip, at least for me, as Bavaria is the best place in the world for me.
Dominik: Everything! All about what I experienced here while my stay, the culture, the people, the university, the sights!

7. Have you traveled outside of campus much?

Andreas: Not yet. We have been to Washington D.C. of course and made some weekend trips to Virginia Beach, Richmond, the Outer Banks and some other places around Newport News. But we’ll be in New York the Thanksgiving week and our last 2 weeks we’ll spend in Florida for Christmas.
Dominik: Yes. I’ve been to Williamsburg, Richmond, Outer Banks and plan to go to New York City over the Thanksgiving break and a trip to Florida/Key West after the finals.

8. What is the night life like here compared to in Germany?

Andreas: Let’s not talk about the night life in Newport News. It obviously is non-existent. Of course you can still go to Virginia Beach or to some house parties off campus, but we are just used to better options. Also, the bars here close very very early. In Germany, you have those special clubs and bars that just don’t close at all over the weekend. You could literally enter the Club on Friday evening and leave it on Monday morning. Of course, those clubs are an extreme example. But also in general, the nightlife lasts much longer in Germany and is much bigger. In Rosenheim, Munich and Salzburg you just have thousands of options every weekend.
Dominik: The night life is quite different. Your bars and clubs close already at 2am while in Germany you can party all night.