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PCSE Red Hat and Percona Visit

On Monday, October 16th, thirteen students and five faculty and staff members from the Department of Physics, Computer Science & Engineering embarked on a field trip to visit two open source technology companies in Raleigh, NC: Red Hat and Percona. The event, Pizza My Mind Dining Out is an extension of the department’s signature outbound student success and recruiting program, Pizza My Mind.

RedHat is the world’s leading provider of open source, enterprise IT solutions. The day began with a tour of Red Hat Tower, and discussions of Red Hat’s cutting-edge IT platform operations. A particular highlight was a presentation by PCSE alumnus and Red Hat developer Juan Vallejo (pictured far left above), who brought the group up to speed on the latest efforts by his team on OpenShift, RedHat’s newest container application platform. The morning concluded with lunch in the signature RedHat Cafeteria.

Percona delivers enterprise-class open source database solutions and services to over 3000 clients, including the vast majority of Forbes 100 companies. They have adopted the novel approach of using a distributed workforce that comprises over 150 top database experts in 33 countries. After a comprehensive presentation focusing on future trends in open source database applications from Percona’s CCO, Matt Yonkovit, we were treated to an engaging discussion on entrepreneurship with Percona’s CEO, Peter Zaitsev.

“The trip was very interesting. It was cool to see the offices of Red Hat and Percona and to ask questions of the staff of each the companies”, said Computer Engineering major, Austin Tisdale.

“This was a great experience for our students, as well as the faculty and staff that were able to attend, as well”, said Dr. Edward Brash, Professor of Physics in PCSE. “It is important for all of us to keep abreast of new and emerging trends in computing and computational science, and the experts at Red Hat and Percona certainly delivered! Everyone that we met with was incredibly engaging and welcoming – it was a great day!”

For more information, contact Clare A. Maliniak, PCSE Department Administrator at Christopher Newport University.

What You Missed at Pizza My Mind

The last Pizza My Mind was hosted by SPAWAR or Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command. Senior project supervisor Jonathan Wells led the presentation. Wells has worked on the systems that led to chips in credit cards and on new medical systems that are implemented by the government.

Senior project supervisor Jonathan Wells leads the presentation.

The opportunity to work on potentially important new technological developments is an exciting one!

SPAWAR is of course a navy contractor primarily. Wells describes the role as an employee at SPAWAR as a way to work on projects with a tangible impact on how the navy develops in which you can see the effect your actions have had unlike in many larger companies. An employee may work in software development, engineering, or help with facilitating communication between two subs while underwater for example.

The “competency alignment” system is intended to guarantee that each employee works in the area that best suits them. Employees also have travel opportunities, 10 paid holidays, assistance towards a master degree, and flexible hours. SPAWAR also has a stem program focused on teaching high school students robotics that employees can take part in.

Jonathan Wells speaks to a student

SPAWAR has an intern program where interns could work on rewriting legacy systems, creating a new maintenance app, or helping develop connectivity processes for marine corp laptops. Interns must be eligible for security clearances in order to apply.

Send an email to to apply or give your resume to Wells. For more info go their site below.

What You Missed at Pizza My Mind

Perfect Commerce hosted a Pizza My Mind. Senior employee Barclay Shell, director of the Perfect Procure project, and recent CNU grad Elliot Rieflin guided the presentation. Both men are part of a six person team following an agile development approach which currently includes for CNU grads and one CNU intern so keep an eye on this company future CNU grads.

Perfect Commerce employees Barclay Shell and Elliot Rieflin

The Perfect Procure project is a cloud based procurance software. Coding within Perfect Commerce is primarily in c++ or Java with rare Visual Basic. Elliot focused on java coding in the back end and on upgrading the ui of Perfect Procure. It is stressed that each ui is intended to be as similar to others in the company as possible including a mandatory navigation bar. Current CNU intern Nick works primarily on localization of the new ui and bug fixing.

Perfect Commerce works with large companies such as IBM and Campbell’s. The goal of Perfect Procure is to create a library of base Angular components that can be used to create multiple different products off of a similar base in future projects.

Angular is a web framework used to build applications on top of back end code. It is the primary way for the company to streamline its ui.

Perfect commerce began using Angular almost immediately after release so they will take the chance to try new technology. If you are a student interested in trying out new things and working out challenges then consider Perfect Commerce. Elliot refers to how difficult it was to find Angular info when Angular js was still heavily in use. Just a reminder of how quickly technolo

The work culture is relaxed and focused on interaction during coding. There is no GPA requirement to apply. If you wish to apply then email Barclay Shell at

Learn more at