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Pizza My Mind Presented by MITRE

This weeks Pizza My Mind presentation was led by MITRE Hampton Roads employee and software engineer Dorian Voegeli. MITRE does not work for profit. Instead, the company operates research and development centers funded by the federal government. As a result, MITRE is not allowed to create products by itself and instead only deal with products through the government.

Dorian Voegeli (center), Colin McRae (left), and James Tobin (right) address the audience

Currently MITRE operates research and development centers or FFRDCs in fields such as national security engineering, homeland security, advanced aviation systems, healthcare, cyber security, and more. The company also handles the social sciences as well as science and mathematics.

There are two primary campuses located in Bedford, MA and Mclean, VA. Smaller sites are located all over the country. Employees have access to technical conferences, programs to learn new skills, and possibly tuition help for advanced degrees. It is even possible to apply for funding for independent research while working for the company. Interns may enjoy intern cups or competitions.

CNU students and MITRE interns James Tobin and Colin McRae, both seniors majoring in computer science, spoke briefly about their time with the company. James was able to spend one summer at MITRE’s Tampa site to work on challenges for an intern competition. Colin, a senior at CNU this year, was able to get his internship by speaking to a MITRE employee who ran labs for CNU. Further stressing the importance of talking to people to get job opportunities. Voegeli was also capable of emphasizing the many useful opportunities that MITRE provides. The benefits are wide and may be worth looking into if you are looking for a place to work long term. The potential benefits for an aspiring PCSE major are high. It is an exciting company that you should check out.

PCSE students asking questions after the presentation

In order to apply to MITRE a 3.0 GPA is required as well as the ability to apply for US security clearance as a US citizen. Applicants for internships must be university bound and have some programming experience. Rolling applications begin in February and March while internships generally begin in the summer. Students are preferred to have experienced one functional and one object orientated language.

For more information go to their website.

Perfect Commerce Presents Pizza My Mind

Director of the Perfect Procure project and 10 year Perfect Commerce employee Barclay Schell leads the presentation for Perfect Commerce. He is joined by CNU alum Elliot Rieflin who has worked at the company for one year as a software engineer.

Barclay Schell and Elliot Rieflin (right) beginning the presentation

The company focuses on Cloud based procurement systems and e-commerce. It provides services many major companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Nationwide. Schell’s team consists of 4 CNU grads and one CNU intern so Perfect Commerce is very CNU friendly. These programming teams utilize an agile development approach to solve complex problems as efficiently as possible. One goal of the company is to build a library of Angular, a web framework built by Google for responsive Application Design, components across Perfect Commerce products. The frameworks created exist to create a visual component separate from the business logic.

Perfect Commerce has offices in many regions of the world so some flexibility in work location does exist. The company is very happy to hire CNU graduates so contact them in the future!

To learn more Barclay Schell can be contacted at or go to their website.