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Pizza My Mind by MAXIMUS

MAXIMUS recruiter Thomas Griego led the Pizza My Mind presentation for last week. MAXIMUS is an international provider of consulting solutions and program manager that specializes in working for the government. The company is active in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the UK as well as other countries. MAXIMUS does not work for non government clients.

Griego beginning his presentation

The company is focused on providing innovative technology solutions to help improve government programs in order to allow citizens to better engage with their government. MAXIMUS currently has a strong reputation as a tax exempt non-profit organization funded by employee donations that are backed in full by the company. Competitive grant making programs are available. Currently the company is very successful in gaining grants as well.

The government prefers to work with Java, angular JS, HTML, and css among other programming languages. MAXIMUS software development hires are preferred to have experience in those areas.

The internship application date unfortunately passed very quickly after this presentation but for future reference MAXIMUS generally gives 45 minute interviews to new applicants. US citizenship is required. Applicants are normally asked to live in or around Reston VA during the summer.

Post presentation student questions

MAXIMUS is a very promising company who was very open to providing advice to future applicants even if that advice steers them away from MAXIMUS. If you’d like to know more check out their website.

Pizza My Mind Presented by Coveros

In case you missed Pizza My Mind presented by Coveros, a recap is below.

The presentation was led by Coveros CEO Jeffery Payne. Coveros is Payne’s second company and he is always looking to innovate. The company focuses on coaching organizations through the implementation and use of Agile development methods. The services include transforming to agile for the first time, new development under agile, DevOps implementations, as well software testing and security assistance.

Jeffery Payne addressing the crowd.

Coveros focuses heavily on two open source projects. SecureCl for DevOps automation and the test automation framework Selenified. Clients of the company include Liberty Mutual and Fannie Mae among many others. Notable projects include being brought in to help correct the infamous website and get it properly functioning as well as working with Abiomed team to transition them properly to Agile methodologies.

Employees at Coveros enjoy a relatively small company with a lot of room to grow personally through training and as a company. Coveros is looking to employ summer interns and full time employees. Long term employees at Coveros are able to access full financial details of the company as well as profit sharing in the event they company does well.

Coveros is based in the DC area and applicants are preferred to live in that area or close to it. Former Coveros intern Sadie Rynestad spoke highly of her experience at Coveros where she created an android app during her time there. She was trained in several of Coveros’ products and general junit and DevOps.

Jeffery Payne is an exceptional speaker and competent CEO who take new hires far. Consider Coveros.

Payne answering student questions

He can be contacted at