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Pizza My Mind Presented by Huntington Ingalls Fleet Support Group

Hard Stuff Done Right. If you are looking for a challenge you will enjoy this week’s presenter. This past Pizza My Mind was presented by HII Fleet Support Group (formally AMSEC) with Stephen Kortz, program manager of the NNS Facilities Engineering department, leading the talk. Fleet Support Group is a full-service supplier to the US Navy and commercial maritime industry providing support in Maintenance and Modernization, Training, Logistics, Engineering, and Technical Services. The primary location is in Newport News but there are other locations including one in Pascagoula, Miss.

The company has billions of dollars in business each year with no signs of slowing down so it will continue to provide opportunities well into the future. Large amounts of technology and applications are used to keep the company up and running. SharePoint and a wide array of network services combined with standard laptops or tablets are commonplace within the company. A focus of the use of this technology is to accurately and efficiently document and describe both the jobs being done and the location at which they will take place. New employees will have the opportunity to learn and experiment with these technologies as they work.

Kortz discussed many opportunities throughout the companies’ various branches so if you wish to learn more check out their site.