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Pizza My Mind Presented by NSWC Dahlgren

NSWC Dahlgren is a Naval Surface Warfare Center focusing on weapon research, development, and testing. Daniel Ross introduced a unique Pizza My Mind featuring over a dozen employees of the company. It is clear they value the contributions of each employee.

The Dahlgren team assembles before the presentation

Weapons testing at Dahlgren covers a wide variety of disciplines. All weapons testers undergo stringent safety testing in order to ensure proper procedure and avoid harm. Possible projects include testing the railgun, a favorite among the employees, and multiple ammunition types ranging from handguns to AC130 rounds. Testers are not limited to working in one area. Travel to weapon sites or flying in the AC130 are possible opportunities at Dahlgren. Other technologies such as advanced radar software and electromagnetic interference’s impact on technology are also tested.

Benefits offered by Dahlgren are wide. CNU alumni Brian Kondor spoke of the company’s unique offer to drive employees to work and back each day. The company also offers to help cover graduate school costs when applicable to your present work. Finally, Ciro Alcoba-Serrate, who works in the Electromagnetic Weapons Systems division spoke of the company’s leniency in allowing workers to attempt new tasks. He was able to make a case for his desire to work more on simulations and as long as he showed results he was allowed to shift his work towards his interests.

Dahlgren is focused on making ships into warships with a key focus on creating and testing weapon systems. If you like what you have heard or you’d like to learn more you can follow the link below: