Pizza My Mind presented by ID Tech

This past Pizza My Mind was hosted by ID Tech and led by Mark Morreno, ID Tech recruiter for 8 years. ID Tech runs technology based camps over the summer with the intent of teaching younger children, usually ten to twelve, and teens about various technologies. A large number of courses are available with unity game design and coding being among them. They are looking to hire students to act as instructors at the camp.

Mark Morreno presenting to PCSE students

Instructors would be required to lead a small class of children in their area of study. A lot of time is spent inside the classroom but outside activities are also common and encouraged. Each camp has its own culture and recreational activities decided by the instructors so fun is also encouraged. There are over 190 U.S. locations to choose from. Travel opportunities are offered as well as competitive pay, internship credits, promotions, and lodging.

The instructors were showed incredible enthusiasm for their jobs and for the children under their watch. If you share this enthusiasm then ID Tech may be the company for you. Instructors at the summer camps have the opportunity to meet parents each week as well as other ID Tech employees. It is not uncommon for parents of children that attend the camps to be computer professionals themselves that may provide opportunities and new contacts to ID Tech instructors.
Give ID Tech a chance and you won’t be disappointed.

Student Questions featuring CNU senior and former ID Tech instuctor Sebastian

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