Pizza My Mind by Burlington Medical

Last week’s Pizza My Mind was hosted by Burlington Medical. Burlington Medical specializes in making medical clothing that protects from radiation such as aprons, glasses, and caps. They also make drapes and other necessary items for a medical room. The company is active in more than ten countries including the US, UK, and Japan. Newport News houses one of their major production facilities so CNU students enjoy close proximity to the inner workings of the company.

Burlington prides itself on providing high quality custom products and service. The large majority of their products are measured custom for the specific customer to guarantee a comfortable fit. The most important focuses of the job are radiation protection for medical procedures such as xray and better support surfaces to prevent bedsores.

Innovation is the most important quality in a potential employee. New hires should also be humble, hungry for growth, and smart as specified by the presenters. Burlington is a market leader in scatter radiation and wants to keep growing and maintain that position. The company is growing fast so take the opportunity to get in before it grows even larger.

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To learn more see their site below.

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