SWE Escape Room Event

At the beginning of February, The Society of Women Engineers or SWE conducted an escape room event. The event took place in VA Beach and CNU students were driven their by a CNU provided van and accompanied by Dr. Lambert. After a group breakfast, the students split into two groups and both entered the escape rooms.

Professor Lambert and SWE students

The escape rooms themselves offered a chance to test problem solving skills in a stressful but low risk environment. The two groups were also in competition to see who could solve the room first. I spoke to two SWE students who were present at the event, Miya Washington and Monica Perez. Both expressed great enjoyment of the event and a desire to continue events of this type in the future. Monica went one step further and explained that she had the opportunity to meet many new girls who were a part of SWE and even shared classes with her.

These personal events give CNU students the chance to meet new people, face new challenges, and better understand the organizations that exist in order to help not just women engineers but all CNU students reach their potential. If this type of event interests you then check out SWE for yourself or any of the other numerous PCSE organizations available.

Read more about SWE here.

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