IEEE Nasa Trip

The IEEE club recently hosted a trip to NASA Langley that allowed students in the club and PCSE department to tour the campus and meet numerous researchers and engineers.

CNU students preparing for the NASA trip

Each student was provided NASA security badges and bused around the many sections of campus. The first stop was the aviation research facility where NASA engineers show off multiple planes and the research conducted towards improving flight. Students were able to learn about the collection of atmospheric data in the arctic, attempts to improve supersonic flight, and reduction of supersonic noise pollution.

Next, the students were taught NASA’s history and allowed to learn a few details about current NASA projects. A highlight was a project to develop decelerators for space missions. The materials used and some prototypes were made available for the students to interact with and study. Afterwards, students were able to see the systems used to communicate with the International Space Station and sit in seats used by actual researchers in mission control. Projects involving drones, earth science, and robotics were explained as well.

Michael S. Wusk, NASA Engineer speaking with students and faculty.

Overall, the tour provided a cool and unique opportunity to learn more about current research and cutting-edge technologies at NASA. Interested in more opportunities like this? Consider joining IEEE. For more information contact: IEEE Club

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