Pizza My Mind Presented by CVP

CVP hosted last week’s Pizza My Mind. A winner of many awards, the goal of the company is to coordinate with the public sector and fortune 500 companies to help improve their business performance. Core markets for the company include healthcare, national security, and State or Local governments.

Raelene Wagoner addressing the crowd

CVP achieves these goals with a combination of supporting strong business values and by adhering to a Continuous Change environment to advance technology in important ways. Advances in BigData, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and Agile/DevOps are major focuses of CVP and potential work areas for new employees. New hires may be developers and analysts on any of these technologies.

CNU graduate and current CVP software developer Louis Gomez was present and spoke briefly on his experiences. Right from the beginning he was able to work on interesting projects that contributed to the company. He has worked on a dock greeter for Amazon Alexa and with Amazon Web Services serverless functions and databases for various purposes. Even as an intern he was able to work on relevant projects and future PCSE majors could be the next to be given the opportunity

CVP organizes its efforts into communities of interest that any employee may experience through asking questions or going to meetings and decide what is the best fit for them. The COI’s include BA Testing, Big data, Development, Health Solutions, Media and Communications, Cloud Architecture, Project Management, Information Security, Training and Outreach. Success within the company can be measured and rewarded through CVP’s Performance Development Plan. It allows employees to easily see the training and progress needed to achieve their goals.

Wagoner and Louis Gomez

Finally, paid days of service, casual work attire, and donation matching are other perks employees could make use of. If you are interest in CVP then learn more from the link below or find them on Twitter or facebook as @CVPCORP

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