Pizza My Mind Presented by Canon

If you think Canon only made cameras, then you are in for a surprise. Canon is a global company with branches across the world, including numerous sites within the Continental United States. The main branch of Canon Virginia primarily focuses on automated ink cartridge and printer toner manufacturing, the medical products group, and administrative and engineering support. Canon Virginia presented Pizza My Mind on November 8, 2018 and employees David White, Ty Nelson, and CNU alumni Paul Risque all took part in this discussion.

The Canon team

Canon emphasized their positive environmental practices and how their operations are meant to protect the environment, despite being a factory. There are few companies that are as environmentally friendly as Canon, making them unique against other global business. Canon Virginia discussed future goals which included their passion in environmental sustainability.

Employees at Canon have a well-defined path to advancement in multiple skills with the ability to rotate positions every 6 months for 18 months as a part of their Engineering Rotation Program. This allows employees to experience a wide variety of work and determine what job best fits their interests and skills.

Internship positions are posted regularly and traditionally take place in the Summer. Interns will be given real projects and gain experience in Canon’s unique culture. Risque expressed genuine excitement about all the interesting projects he was able to work on as an employee of Canon, including the secret projects only meant for Canon Virginia employees.

CNU alum Paul Risque addresses the crowd

If you are interested in what Canon Virginia has to offer, you can find out more information on their company and employment opportunities at the following link:

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