Pizza My Mind by HyperSizer

James Ainsworth, Director of Engineering Services at HyperSizer, spoke about employment opportunities and expectations at Pizza My Mind on November 29, 2018. HyperSizer is an engineering company that works to provide software solutions, training, and new engineering methods primarily within the aerospace industry.

James Ainsworth

Ainsworth opened the discussion with a description of what the company is looking for in terms of new hires and what the company can offer in return. Software developers skilled in coding languages such as C#, C++, WPF, and Python are preferred, but it is not a requirement to have those skills right away. Since the company is small, junior HyperSizer employees are given a chance to improve on their coding skills and become closer to their colleagues by being mentored by senior employees. The company office is located in the Newport News City Center, only minutes away from CNU. Given that HyperSizer is in such a convenient location for students, they should consider the opportunities that HyperSizer may have for them.

Potential projects available with the company include launch technologies and structure design. These projects allow employees to work with a variety of high-tech materials as well as updated 3D graphical UI’s in order to show off new designs and make it easier to create new ones. In addition, HyperSizer also has work with relational databases and software scripting readily available.

If you are interested in the opportunities HyperSizer may have for you, the following link will help you learn more about what is available to you:

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