Pizza My Mind Presented by Langley’s Software Dev Team

Flight Commander of the 10th Intelligence Squadron’s Cyber Flight at Langley Air Force Base, 1st Lt. Jason Rimer, visited students last Thursday to tell them about possibilities in Cyber Intelligence. Although student visits are available, the 1st Lt. recommended the internship as an opportunity to get practical experience in the field. While the internships are not yet approved to be a paid position, his Cyber Flight team is committed to making each intern feel valuable. He promised that interns are considered equals among regular employees and their voice would be considered just as important.

Jason Rimer showcasing his tips for success

In addition to speaking on internship opportunities, 1st Lt. Rimer also provided tips to students that will help them once they enter the professional workforce, no matter the field they choose. These tips include focusing on small iterations of projects that will grow as more feedback is acquired, staying organized, and if a problem is found, seeking a solution that is positively valued by getting feedback from colleagues and considering the financial benefits.

The end of his presentation featured an example of his team’s first work The Black Pearl, an application that was designed to help support staff on missions. The main feature of The Pearl allowed staff to take advantage of an improved interface that enabled them to easily access tools necessary for their mission. In order for 1st Lt. Rimer’s team to improve the interface, they interviewed hundreds of crew members and asked them to provide feedback about their work environment. By receiving feedback from colleagues, the Cyber Flight team was able to figure out which problems needed to be solved. Over time, the primary features changed heavily in favor of what the employees wanted, which allowed staff members to thrive. Given the success of the project, The Pearl serves as a strong example of processes that CNU students could benefit from learning about and reflecting on as they start to join professional workforces.

If you would like to learn more about opportunities with the Cyber Flight team, check out the following link or email them at

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