Pizza My Mind Presented by Daniel H. Wagner and Associates

Daniel H. Wagner Associates, Inc. participated in the Pizza My Mind program on Thursday, Jan. 31.  Senior Associate William VanDyke from the Hampton, VA office led the discussion with help from CNU alumni, William Drumheller, and HR representative, Teresa Lewis. Together they shared the company’s 50+ years of experience with CNU students.
Willian VanDyke speaking for the Wagner team
Wagner Associates focuses on operations research, mathematics and software development. This includes Data Fusion, where Wagner Associates, Inc. is working to make use of autonomous boats in order to detect submarines and other threats. In addition, they are focusing to create an efficient defense strategy based on sensor and location data. The company also works to find mathematical solutions to parallel computing, mission planning, and financial questions. William Drumheller described how his own internship was structured to give students an idea of what to expect. When he first started his internship, he worked on small projects around the office. Eventually, he had the opportunity to be placed on a larger project planning effective areas to be used as missile targets. Drumheller also discussed an application used to pull reliable weather information from multiple sources and compile it into one place. For the programming used on both of these projects, Java was the language of choice. Wagner Associates, Inc. offers flexible work hours within a casual work environment. Work is available in Virginia in Hampton and Vienna. If you wanted to travel outside of Virginia, there is also an office in Exton, Pennsylvania. Internships are paid and full-time employees get 89% of their health insurance premium covered. It is required that applicants be a US citizen preferably with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering. Degrees in Mathematics or Engineering will be considered. The minimum GPA requirement is 3.3. Applications can be sent in now. For more info on opportunities in Hampton, VA email For Vienna, VA email

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