Pizza My Mind Presented by Marathon Consulting

Are you considering to work in the area after graduation and interested in IT work? Marathon Consulting may be the place for you. The company has an office in Richmond and is headquartered in Virginia Beach.

Marathon is a relatively small company, having been founded just over ten years ago. However, it has over ninety IT consultants that average fifteen years of experience. Turnover rate at Marathon is noticeably less when compared to the consulting field as a whole so it is a great place to being a potentially long career in IT.

Maintaining and helping improve the talents of its employees is a major principle at Marathon. The work done will be important and in service to clients who understand your value as a consultant and will understand what you are capable of as well as being referenceable. Clients of all sizes are available in a vast variety of industries from healthcare to Property Management. Consultants are expected to determine both what the customer needs and the best way to achieve that goal.

Employees of the company have their health insurance premiums covered in full as well as training and mentoring opportunities.

Non seasonal internships are offered at Marathon as well as full time positions. If you would like learn more check out the link below

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