Pizza My Mind Presented by IDT

On March 21st, Pizza My Mind was presented by IDT. IDT hosts a wide variety of work for systems engineers, software engineers, and testers as it tries to innovate the entire design process.

One notable innovation is its ATRT automation methodology. ATRT is a combination of model-based engineering and automated testing to create a stronger overall testing environment. The methodology has been applied to every step of the development lifestyle and is a key part of the company’s efficiency. Programs that have benefited from the approach include Aegis weapon testing and tactical control systems.

Derek O’Connell, a new hire with IDT, stressed that the company was a very welcoming place to new workers that wasted no time getting him involved with meaningful projects. The company is eager to have new critical thinkers tackle their future projects. Possible jobs include test analysis, virtualization, and model based development. If you would like to be the next to benefit from the opportunity then look further into IDT at the link below:

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