Pizza My Mind Welcome to the Department

Welcome back to CNU, Captains. Last week’s Pizza My Mind kicked off an exciting new year with an introduction to the department for all students, new and returning. Each organization and club was introduced, and we had the honor of welcoming a few new faculty members to the department. Additionally, the mentorship program for women in PCSE as well as study abroad, research, and service opportunities were discussed.

If you’re interested in getting involved in any of these fun things, you can get more information by filling out this survey:

For the rest of the year, Pizza My Mind will return to weekly presentations given by companies. Each Thursday a new company will come to discuss what they do and what sort of job and internship openings they have. They will answer student questions and often collect resumes, so don’t forget to bring a few copies. Pizza My Mind provides an excellent opportunity to talk one on one with the presenters, have your questions answered, and give you a good shot at being considered for open positions. 

Not only could you potentially get a job by attending Pizza My Mind, but the department sweetens the deal by offering extra points based on your attendance each Thursday. This year, the system has changed to make it easier for students to earn points. You accrue 5% of a point each time you attend, with special bonuses for the 10th, 12th, and 14th event attended. You can earn up to 2 points to apply to any one PCSE class at the end of the semester before finals. These points can make a huge difference, so make sure you come to as many of these events as you can!

This is an exciting year, and we hope to see all of you in future Pizza My Mind presentations and other department events.

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