Internship Spotlight – Nicholas Lee

Nicholas Lee is a freshman here at CNU intending to major in computer engineering. He spent this past summer as a technology intern for Fairfax County Public Schools, working in Fairfax, Virginia from June to August. While working as a tech assistant during the prior school year, he was asked to stick around to help during the summer.

Nicholas was responsible for accounting for, setting up, and distributing about 2,750 laptops to high schoolers in the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) system. This was all part of an initiative called FCPSOn. FCPS are acting to equip every student with their own laptop in an effort to improve education and teach students relevant skills they will need as adults in the working world. 

Nicholas reported that his favorite part of the internship was the opportunity to help his high school and future students. The biggest challenge he faced was the time constraints placed upon him. Each computer had to be imaged and processed before distribution to students. With the distribution deadline looming, this task was daunting, but Nicholas overcame this obstacle. Overall, he spoke of this internship experience as a positive one.

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