Pizza My Mind Presented by Newport News Shipbuilding

The Physics Computer Science and Engineering department had the honor of having Newport News Shipbuilding’s Dept E44 – Networks, Communications, & Automation group to present at Pizza My Mind. Newport News Shipbuilding is located in Newport News only 15 minutes down the road from Christopher Newport University. The Shipyard is responsible for building and updating ships for the United States Navy. They have the prestige of being the only U.S. shipyard to design and construct nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. Newport News Shipbuilding has built more than 800 ships since their founding in 1886.

The presenters, Stephen Jelf and Gabriella Bishop (a Christopher Newport University alumna),  talked about their experiences working at the Shipyard and all the cool opportunities within their group. Because they are working on designing and building real ships, employees often get to go aboard ships to see designs and applications of their work. This helps to make improvements as well as keep ships and the models of them up to date as things on the ship may have moved or changed from the original design. There are opportunities to not only change departments if you aren’t enjoying the work you’re doing, but also to move up to project management positions, so you won’t be stuck in one spot. 

At the shipyard, there are positions available for all majors and interests. Not only that, but there are internship positions for summer or co-ops that run during the school year. These internships can lead into full time positions. There are also full time positions that do not require interning beforehand. Things the presenters mentioned that can set you apart from other applicants are strong problem solving skills and a well rounded skill set. Head to to see job openings. There are internships available now that close November 29th, so don’t wait!

Thanks to Newport News Shipbuilding for presenting!

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