Pizza My Mind Presented by CNU’s 5 Year Graduate Program

On October 24, Dr. Peter Monaghan presented Pizza My Mind on behalf of Christopher Newport University’s PCSE 5 year graduate program. This program is, as it suggests, a 5 year program with 4 years of undergrad and 1 graduate year. It is an accelerated program that allows students to start taking graduate level classes during undergrad to graduate with a bachelors in four years and a masters degree in just 1 extra year. It is not required to complete the program in 5 years; there is a lot of flexibility in how the requirements are met.

There are many reasons to apply to this program and zero reasons not to! For CNU students, there is no application fee, and you don’t have to take the GRE if your SAT score is good enough. Other benefits to being in the grad program include being allowed to take graduate level courses during undergrad and the ability to connect with nearby companies like Jefferson Labs, NASA, and the National Institute for Aeronautics (NIA) to do research. There are opportunities for funding in the form of lab assistantships and lab assistant positions. These are positions for graduate students to teach labs to undergraduate students and get paid! Dr. Monaghan also claims that graduate school is fun, so that’s a plus.

You can apply to the graduate program on CNU Live, and it you have any questions seek out Dr. Monaghan. The deadline to apply is February 1st. Thank you to Dr. Monaghan for presenting. Thanks also to the graduate students who spoke about the cool research they’re doing and how awesome it is to be a graduate student.

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