Pizza My Mind Presented by Ockerman Automation

Ockerman Automation presented Pizza My Mind on November 7th. Ockerman Automation is an automation and naval architecture company based right here in Newport News, VA. They work with VR or virtual reality to design and construct ships before the physical construction. This technology is also useful for demoing construction on a ship before doing the real thing. Using VR, people can gain experience doing their job without the risk of actually messing something up that exists in the construction of a real ship. The VR is a great training aid. Ockerman also deal with AR or augmented reality that exists to aid those in actual construction of a ship. This AR can show the worker things inside the ship or hidden parts they wouldn’t otherwise see.

Ockerman Automation is looking for interns specializing in electrical and computer engineering, computer science, information technology, and other areas. Their internships offer incredible first hand experience working with these cool VR and AR systems. Interns will gain experience in their field and work alongside experienced professionals who can pass on their knowledge.

Thank you to Ockerman Automation for presenting at Pizza My Mind!

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