Pizza My Mind Presented by Swisslog

Swisslog presented Pizza My Mind on November 14th. Swisslog is an automation integration company with North American headquarters right here in Newport News. They are a global presence, owned by a German company with main headquarters in Switzerland. Swisslog has many customers including large companies like Walmart. 

Not only are there cool full time positions at Swisslog, but they also have internships available to all majors. These internships often come with a path to a full time position with Swisslog. You can join the many CNU alumni already working at Swisslog! Presenters shared the many cool things that come along with working at Swisslog. As earlier stated, Swisslog is a global company, so there are many travel opportunities as an employee. If you happen to not like what you’re doing, there is mobility within the company, so you can try something different and find where you fit best. Additionally, you get to work near amazing robots, big cranes, and all sorts of automated systems. The presenters really emphasized just how cool these things are to work with. In addition, there are Hackathon opportunities for Swisslog employees. 

Big thank you to the presenters from Swisslog!

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