Pizza My Mind Presented by NAVSEA

NAVSEA presented Pizza My Mind November 21st. They are the Navy’s “premier laboratory for weapons development.” With nearby locations in Dahlgren, Virginia and Virginia Beach, Virginia (also known as Dam Neck), the Naval Sea Systems Command is a division of the United States Navy responsible for engineering, building, and supporting US ships and combat systems. 

NAVSEA provides job opportunities for all majors in the Physics Computer Science and Engineering department here at Christopher Newport University. The presenters spoke highly of the opportunities offered at NAVSEA. Jobs with them require a security clearance, which is a great thing to have. It is easy to move between departments to find what you like best. Not only that, but you get to work with extremely cool weapons systems, travel to planes and ships to get hands on experience, see how systems operate in the field, and most importantly help real soldiers. It is reportedly a very gratifying and unique experience.

These cool opportunities aren’t the only draw NAVSEA has. They offer tuition assistance and will help cover books fees to students pursuing a Masters who make good grades. They have academic fellowship options where you can go to school and work part time. Certifications can also be at least somewhat paid for by NAVSEA. 

They are looking for both Undergraduate students and those about to graduate who are both problem solvers and willing to learn.

Thank you to NAVSEA for presenting at Pizza My Mind!

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