Pizza My Mind Presented by Innovative Defense Technology

On December 5th, Pizza My Mind was presented by Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT). IDT is an information technology company headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. They work with the Department of Defense (DOD), NAVSEA, and NAVAIR. IDT focuses on defense and design and develop ships, missile defense and weapons systems using modeling technology and 3D systems. 

IDT is looking to hire interns from any and all majors. There are opportunities to work with different languages such as C++, C, and Java. Positions at IDT offer flexibility to move from one department to another, flexible schedules, and unique opportunities not limited by previous job experience. Positions may require a clearance that can be obtained through IDT. Interns start the process early so they can do real relevant work during their internships. Interns also have many resources available to them such as mentors. Interns receive an official mentor and have many other mentor-like figures for example their manager, senior engineers, and coworkers. Interns work 40 hours a week in small teams and an open, social atmosphere. 

People who will stand out the most as internship candidates are interested in multiple fields, particularly the defense field. They will express an interest in the way things work and how systems come together. 

Thank you to IDT for presenting at Pizza My Mind!

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