Pizza My Mind Presented by Marathon Consulting

Marathon Consulting presented Pizza My Mind on January 14th. Marathon is an Information Technology consulting company founded and based in Virginia Beach. In 2016 they were voted the best place to work, and have been in the top 20 best companies to work for since 2011. Marathon is not a government contractor; Instead, they serve mostly mid- range businesses in a variety of projects.

The benefits of working at Marathon Consulting are numerous including health care, paid time off, professional development, and in some cases PC purchase reimbursement. After you’ve been with the company for a year, they give you a one week training course to keep you learning and cultivating relevant skills. 

Marathon Consulting offers both full time positions and internships. They are looking for skilled candidates who are balanced, committed, and hardworking. Full time positions like Junior Technical Advisory Member or Junior Application/Web Developer are available as well as seasonal internships, so there is a little something for everyone. Go to to apply today!

Thank you, Marathon Consulting, for presenting Pizza My Mind!

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