Pizza My Mind Presented by Genworth Financial Inc.

Pizza My Mind was presented by Genworth Financial Inc. on January 16th. Genworth is a financial/insurance company headquartered in Richmond. The presenters, Meygan Joyner, Data Scientist and Matt Thompson, Lead Data Scientist gave an excellent presentation on artificial intelligence and deep learning. They discussed topics such as classification vs. regression, supervised vs. unsupervised learning, graph fits, modeling data, neural nets, and problems commonly run into in the data science world. 

Genworth is looking for interns and full-time applicants. With small teams, employees at Genworth have freedom to do what they want while using cutting edge tools. Interns are given real, high level work and many opportunities to grow and learn. Internships last 3 months, are paid well, and there are awesome benefits like housing stipends for those who live far and chances to explore Richmond and contribute to the community. As far as full-time positions, Genworth has an IT development program that is excellent for college graduates. This program is an opportunity to learn and eventually move to a department of the company you want to work in (like data science).

Go to to apply!

Thanks to Genworth for presenting!

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