Pizza My Mind Presented by Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton presented Pizza My Mind on January 30th. Based out of Norfolk, Va, Booz Allen Hamilton is a digital tech solutions company that provides digital solutions, consulting, and analytics. Alongside presenters Aaron Harris (Lead Technologies) and Ryan Adair (Senior Lead Technologist), there were many CNU alumni including Technologists Colton Derr, Matthew Honecker, Ian Miller, Tyler Smith, Lead Technologist Jackie Fernandez, and Staff Technologist Adam White. All the presenters that joined us came from the Norfolk location, but Booz Allen Hamilton is a global company with locations in Europe, North Africa, Southeast Asia, and more.

The presenters talked about the benefits of working for Booz Allen Hamilton. These benefits include the ability to guide your career track. You decide what you want to do or learn and the company will work with you to help you learn and switch positions. It does not matter what degree you have going in, you are encouraged to pursue the path you’re interested in. The work at Booz Allen Hamilton is project based, so there is a lot of variety in what you can do from project to project which is great if you are a person who likes variety. 

The internship offered at Booz Allen Hamilton is called the summer games program and offers interns exposure to real projects and the ability to work alongside full time employees. There is a lot of freedom in the way you can go about the project, and at the end of the internship you present to company higher ups in DC. Interns have a high likelihood of receiving a job offer after the internship. The community is really supportive and questions are encouraged so that everyone can work together to solve problems. 

There are positions available for internships and full-time positions. They are looking for strong problem solving skills and a well-rounded skill set.

To apply go to

Thanks to Booz Allen Hamilton for presenting at Pizza My Mind!

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