Pizza My Mind Presented by Kimley-Horn

Pizza My Mind was presented by Kimley-Horn on February 20th. Kimley-Horn is a multidisciplinary consulting firm with a wide range of services including aviation, water, parking, environmental engineering, forensics and many others. They have offices all over including offices in Newport News, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Reston, and Washington DC. Employees have opportunities to move to other offices based on what projects are available. 

Clients are the most important thing to Kimley-Horn. Clients include universities, city governments, businesses, companies like Verizon, Walmart, and the list goes on. The employees who work directly with the clients to keep them happy are prioritized to maximize client satisfaction. There are also support groups working around these teams to help them achieve their goal. 

Kimley-Horn offers lots of development opportunities for employees including both technical boot camps and non-technical workshops. They prioritize training throughout your job. Other perks to working with Kimley-Horn include bonuses, paid time off, retirement supplements. Kimley-Horn works to provide an environment for the employees to flourish. Not only that, but it is an employee owned company, so there are benefits that come with that as well. 

Go to to see what job opportunities they have today!

Thanks to our presenters from Kimley-Horn!

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