Internship Spotlight – Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

Over the past summer, several students from Christopher Newport University worked at Automatic Data Processing (ADP) as interns. Seniors Jacob Boyles, Tyler Baldwin, William Dzubak, Chandler Eskey, Kailee Lesko, Liam Rowell, Erin Rutan, and Max Wayne spent six weeks of their summer working virtually from home as interns at ADP. The internship was originally scheduled to be 10 weeks in person, but was pushed back four weeks and switched to online due to Covid-19. ADP specializes in providing cloud based human resource management solutions. The interns each summer work on various projects under this umbrella.

Max Wayne, a computer engineering major, worked on an application development team alongside William Dzubak and two other interns. Their project was to create a script to auto-tag fields on Microsoft Sharepoint items with relevant user’s information. Tyler Baldwin, Kailee Lesko, and Erin Rutan worked together on the Intelligent Content Solutions team on a project to develop a webpage and independent components to improve and make the user experience friction-less. 

There were many challenges to overcome in this new virtual environment. Max reported that the most challenging thing for him was learning new Microsoft technologies necessary to accomplish his given tasks. This was all worth it for the enjoyment of working alongside teammates and seeing the weekly progress throughout the internship. Tyler, Kailee, and Erin had similar challenges, having little to no experience with the various technologies they worked with during the six weeks. The satisfaction of finally seeing things working was one of the highlights of the experience.

Max strongly recommends ADP. He shared that the “management and all the associates we got to work with were extremely friendly and helpful. Asking questions was never frowned upon. ADP is a very diverse and inclusive company that is very active in fighting against discrimination.” He got the internship through on-campus recruiting and connections to a CNU alum who recommended his application. It is like CNU’s Center for Career Planning likes to say: “You get jobs by talking to people!”

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