Tuesday Tea with Dr. Anton Riedl

September 22nd’s Tuesday Tea featured Dr. Anton Riedl, the Physics, Computer Science and Engineering department chair. Dr. Riedl is from Bavaria, Germany. He grew up not far from Munich. It was there he attended Munich University of Technology to pursue a five-year degree (Diplom Ingenieur). During that time, Dr. Riedl spent a year at Purdue University in Indiana where he got his masters in electrical engineering. He returned to Munich to first complete the Dipl.-Ing. degree and then his doctorate, both in electrical and computer engineering.

Throughout his life, Dr. Riedl had an interest in engineering which drew him to pursue further study in the topic. While studying at the university, he was inspired by his professors and also by graduate students who worked as teaching assistants. He thought, “I would like to do that, too.” Another contributing factor to becoming a professor and staying in academia was his wish to be in a position to help students and provide guidance in things like college, scholarships, and job applications.

Dr. Riedl was also particularly drawn to the environment of teaching and working at a university. He enjoys working alongside people and in a diverse environment. This and a passion for learning new things in new fields and being able to apply this knowledge have made teaching at Christopher Newport University a good fit for him.

Being from Germany, Dr. Riedl spoke fondly of his cultural background. Bavaria has a lot of opportunities to engage with people outdoors. There are mountains and hills to go hiking and little places to stop and eat along the way. Germany and the surrounding areas also have some cool old castles. And, of course, there is the Oktoberfest in Munich, about which Dr. Riedl said, “You have to experience it for yourself.”

For students, Dr. Riedl offered the advice, “work hard and you can do really well.” He advised fully committing and applying yourself to your work. In addition, “build your relationships and networks.” Sometimes knowing the right people opens incredible opportunities. Also, having spent a few weeks as an exchange student in the U.S. during his high school years and later on a year for his masters, he highly recommends studying abroad for anyone who gets this opportunity. It’s a great way to engage in diverse cultures and get a better understanding of international communities around the world.

Thanks to Dr. Riedl for sharing his life experiences.

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