Student Spotlight – Samith Chowdhury

Over the past summer, the Physics, Computer Science and Engineering department has seen its students rise above and beyond to meet challenges and do amazing things. One such student is Samith Chowdhury, an electrical engineer set to graduate spring 2022. Samith navigated a busy summer conducting research with Dr. Hessam Keshtkar in Christopher Newport University’s Summer Scholars program. He also rose to the call of the Poetry Society of Virginia who needed an entirely new website.

Samith Chowdhury

Samith, alongside Dr. Keshtkar, worked on a research project studying electric vehicles (EV) and a Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) system. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and this trend is expected to continue. The number of electric vehicles on the street impacts the power system which currently has little to no storage. The idea of a V2G system is to use the batteries of parked EVs as an energy source to compensate for high energy or emergency needs and keep the grid stable. Samith studied the effect of different energy generation units such as diesel engine generator (DEG), photovoltaic (PV) systems, and wind turbine generators (WTG) using a V2G microgrid model.

In addition to Summer Scholars research, Samith responded to the Poetry Society of Virginia’s call for a new website. They lost access to their old website, so Samith and migrated everything over to a new more user-friendly WordPress website. Terry Cox-Joseph, the president of the Poetry Society of Virgina, spoke highly of Samith and his work, “He renewed our website. And saved our sanity. Thank you, Samith. Thank you, CNU. Even as poets, there are no words to express our gratitude.”

Terry Cox-Joseph

The most challenging aspect of the summer, Samith shared, was the time management aspect of everything. With so many different projects and focuses pulling his attention, he had to allocate time and plan to make sure he was on top of everything that needed to get done. Despite being extraordinarily busy, Samith said “The work I do is genuinely something I’m passionate about, and that itself is what makes it all worth it.” Doing what he loves, was his favorite part of the summer.

Samith highly recommends participating in Summer Scholars, “Not only is it clout for you to get a jump in your career and stand out, but it’s also really cool to get into something you think is interesting.” He believes that everyone should pursue what makes them happy and get involved in projects they find interesting. Getting involved is a good way to gauge what you’re interested in and what you enjoy doing.

V2G Based Microgrid

Thank you to Samith for sharing about your summer experiences. Thank you to Terry Cox-Joseph for your feedback as well.

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