Pizza My Mind Presented by the US House of Representatives

The Department of Physics, Computer Science and Engineering had the pleasure of welcoming Randy Vickers (Chief Information Security Officer) and Matt Norris (Security Operations Center Manager) from the US House of Representatives, to present at Pizza My Mind on January 20th.

The US House of Representatives faces many cyber threats which the team must routinely monitor for. These threats range from information gathering to the disruption of the legislative process, but the vast majority involve phishing, a form of information gathering that involves sending legitimate looking emails with the hopes of someone unknowingly opening corrupted files.

United States House of Representatives

The large incidence rate of phishing attacks makes it difficult for representatives to open emails from their constituents, as it is difficult to tell the difference between innocent and malicious emails. It is essential that the representatives and their interns refrain from clicking on unknown links or downloading anything from unknown sources. With that being said, there is a high insider threat from those that struggle to tell the difference between genuine emails and phishing emails.

It is imperative that the cybersecurity team at the US House of Representatives is ready to face any and all future cyber threats. They must continuously monitor for current and future threats while also keeping those working for the House updated on the current security protocols.

Unfortunately, no paid internships exist at the moment, but unpaid internships do exist if you live in the D.C. area. For more information, reach out to the House Cybersecurity office to learn more.

Thank you to Randy Vickers and Matt Norris for an informative presentation on the security threats faced by the US House of Representatives.

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