Capitol Area Celebration of Women in Computing

Amanda Lee, a senior computer science major participated in the CAPWIC 2015: Capitol Area Celebration of Women in Computing conference on February 28, 2015.

The purpose of the conference was to bring women from the many disciplines of computer science to share their ideas and interests in the computing science field.  Amanda Lee commented, “It was a great opportunity to discover the different experiences of other female computer scientists.  The most interesting talk that I attended was given by Sydney Klein, VP of Information Security & Risk Management at Capitol One who spoke about working and succeeding in a diverse work environment. Her advice to attendees was to accept opportunities when they were offered instead of holding out for a particular position that might never be offered, and she encouraged women to be more confident when applying for jobs (according to the statistics she showed us, men will apply for a position when they only have 60% of the qualifications, while women will wait until they have 100% of the qualifications for the position).”

“Attending small, local conferences give our students a wonderful opportunity to see what other students are doing and to comprehend what is happening nearby in the field. It was a positive, energetic environment and we are lucky that we have this type of conference nearby,” said Dr. Lynn Lambert, Assistant Professor.




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