RedHat at Pizza My Mind

 PCSE Linux User Group Club and RedHat representative Tom Calloway

PCSE Linux User Group Club and RedHat representative Tom Calloway

Last week, Pizza My Mind featured a company called RedHat, which works with open source technology. According to RedHat representative Tom Calloway, “open source software gives control to the user.” The original source code of the software is made freely available to the user for modification and redistribution. Tom, and RedHat, believes that no group of humans can rely entirely on their own knowledge – it must be shared with others. And the point of open source is to bring resources together to solve problems faster. Tom gave three key words to apply to open source: “share, collaborate, and remix.” Anytime we come across something we don’t know, the Internet gives us the opportunity to reach out to people who are more knowledgeable in that field.

RedHat is the #1 open source leader. About 95% fortune companies use RedHat, which has now reached a multi-billion dollar status. They offer a range of mission-critical software and sources including middleware, Cloud, and operating systems. RedHat is the third biggest Cloud supplier, working with companies like, Cascio, Marriott, and eTrade.

Senior, Nathan Typanksi gave his thoughts on the RedHat presentation. “I think the biggest impact that Tom’s presentation had was that nobody came out of the presentation thinking developing open-source software is somehow the den of the unsuccessful, or that there isn’t real, serious cash available for students who have skills working with Linux and participating in open development communities. Tom made it very clear that Red Hat is playing for the Long Game, but considering what they’re up against, I think they’re quite apt at playing ball in the Short one as well.”

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