What I Did This Summer (Part 2)

Benjamin Kempton and Dr. Jonathan Backens

Benjamin Kempton and Dr. Jonathan Backens

Benjamin Kempton, also a sophomore, worked with Dr. Backens to set up the new electrical engineering lab in Luter.

“If you have ever built your own computer, it can be really fun to unbox all the shiny new parts, which is what I did the first few weeks working with Dr. Backens in the PCSE department. I got to unbox and set up all the new equipment for the electrical engineering lab in Luter 206.

“Once that was finished I worked with Dr. Backens to test everything and go through some of the new lab activities the equipment will be used for, and make sure the lab instructions made sense. I have not taken any electronics classes or labs yet, therefore much of what I was doing this summer was new to me, and I had to do a lot of learning as I went along. However everything I was exposed to over the summer will most likely be very helpful when I eventually take classes in the lab I helped set up.

“Along with setting up the lab I was able to work with software defined radios, which Dr. Backens is using for research.  The radios can be used to transmit of receive over a very wide range of frequencies (70MHz to 6GHz) making them ideal for doing research on dynamic spectrum access. I worked on getting the radios working properly, and started looking at algorithms that let the radios find a common frequency to communicate on.
“Between setting up the lab, and doing some work with radios I had a very fun summer, and met many new people in the PCSE department.”

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