Gosnold to Luter

PCSE Luter


Captain’s Log: The date is May 16th, 2013 and it’s been thirty years since we’ve found an electrical socket.

For decades the PCSE department made its home in Gosnold Hall, a tiny building tucked in a far corner of campus, its shabby facade reminiscent of CNU’s humble beginnings as a two-year branch of William and Mary. While there was no shortage of electrical shortages, Gosnold did lack an adequate number of classrooms to properly facilitate learning for its students.

But following its tradition of progress and excellence, in the summer of 2011, construction was commenced for Joseph W. Luter, III Hall, CNU’s brand spanking new facility. Following May Commencement, our own beloved PCSE department moved to their magnificent new location.

Faculty and staff carried over 500 boxes and delicate lab equipment before the professional movers came for the rest and by Fall 2013 semester, the building was ready for action. 21st-century classrooms, many specifically designed to facilitate student collaboration and faculty-student interaction, and additional laboratories will provide new and enhanced learning experiences. Furthermore, dedicated research spaces for undergraduate and graduate students as well as for faculty will open up new opportunities for project work and scholarly activities.

Kick up your feet and make yourself at home because we’re here to stay!


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