Meet the Freshmen

Jon Hill, De'Shawn Maynard & Drake Cole

Jon Hill, De’Shawn Maynard & Drake Cole

A little over a week ago, I received an e-mail “From the desk of the President” and as I read about the class of 2019, an idea sparked. The e-mail read: “With an average high school GPA of 3.8, this is the strongest class to ever enter CNU. The SAT middle percent range is 1080-1230. The GPA middle 50 percent range is 3.5-4.0. That means 25 percent of the class has a high school GPA above 4.0 and an SAT above 1230.” Basically, these new freshmen bring some of brightest minds that CNU has ever seen. So I figured that it’s in our best interest to get to know them.

Starting off with the basics, what is your major and when did you know you wanted to be an engineer?

Jon: “I’m majoring in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. I knew I wanted to be an engineer while taking my STEM classes and programming classes in high school. I realized that creating applications and computer components was something I really enjoyed.”

De’Shawn: “As of right now I am majoring in Computer Engineering. I knew I wanted to be a Computer Engineer since I first started learning about computer hardware and building a computer. Since I was young, I always liked building things and tinkering around with whatever I was given in order to see what new things I could create. That is literally what an engineer does so I figured, why not?”

Drake: “My intended major is Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. I decided to become an engineer my junior year of high school when I was repairing some toy helicopters and their wiring when I found that I really enjoyed putting it back together.”

How does the content and workload of the classes compare with your high school classes?

Jon: “It has increased significantly but is manageable with a lot of late nights in the library and in my dorm room.”

De’Shawn: “The workload and difficulty of the classes are very similar to the AP courses I took in high school. However the responsibility and time management of college courses is substantially different from high school work.”

Drake: “It’s much higher and twice as difficult. However, I do enjoy the work more because it’s not just busy work like it was back in high school.”

What types of activities are you getting involved with outside of your classes and what are your expectations for your Freshman year?

Jon: “I am planning on joining the USA team and the Swimming club in the following semester. Expectations? I hope to keep solid grades within my classes and to try and explore new things to do around campus.”

De’Shawn: “I am trying to play Rugby, emphasis on the trying. Currently, I am struggling with managing my time between classes so I’ve decided to focus on them as of right now. The year has already been loads of fun and can only get better. I expect there to be lots and lots of stress this year, bug I also expect it to be a big learning curve and a great experience to look back on in the following years.”

Drake: “Currently, I have not joined any clubs or programs on campus. I honestly have no idea what to expect, I just hope to succeed and do well in all my classes and make great new friends along the way.”

Well there you have it Captains, a small peak into the talented minds of CNU’s class of 2019. That’s all for now, until next time!

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