From Rosenheim to Newport News

Hey there Captains! Hope everyone enjoyed their Fall Break and is ready to get back into the swing of things. Today’s blog post is about the foreign exchange students that CNU is hosting this semester. Florian Schauer and Johannes Muehlthaler are from Rosenheim, Germany and I had the opportunity to interview both of them about what it’s like to be a foreign exchange student here at CNU!

Johannes Muehlthaler and Florian Schauer

Johannes Muehlthaler and Florian Schauer

What classes are you taking this semester?

Florian: “I’m taking five classes this semester: CPSP 270 with Dr. Siochi, CPSC 427 with Dr. Perkins, CPSC 480 taught by Dr. Lamber, MATH 335 with Dr. Wrayno, and PHYS 341 taught by Dr. Brash.”

Johannes: “I’m taking four classes: PHYS 341 Design of Experiments, MATH 335 Applied Probability 1, CPSC 471 Applied Artificial Intelligence, CPSC 480 Software Design and Development.”

Which classes do you enjoy the most?

Florian: “It’s hard to say. Each class is different in its topics and the way it’s presented. However, if I had to choose I would pick PHYS 341 which is taught by Dr. Brash. I like his Canadian style.”

Johannes: “I have to agree with Florian on this one, PHYS 341 is my most enjoyable class this semester.”

Are the classes different here at CNU than what you’re used to back home?

Florian: “Definitely! First off, the sizes of the classes are smaller than at home. Another big difference is how everything is graded. In Rosenheim, we only have one shot on the final exam. The first two or three weeks at CNU, the system made me struggle a little bit, but now I’m used to it and I enjoy it more than at home. It keeps you working on the material and you have more than one chance to earn points for the final grade.”

Johannes: Yes, in Germany we got no homework or tests during the year. There is only one big final at the end of the semester, which is much different than here.”

How do you like the professors here?

Florian: “I like all of them. Within the first few weeks every professor knew the names of all the students. This makes my classes personal and it encourages me to go to office hours and ask questions.”

Johannes: Most of them are really good and know a lot about their classes. Some are confusing, but that’s the case here or in Germany.”

Do you have any plans after graduation?

Florian: “I’ll first write my bachelor thesis in fall/winter 2016. After doing such I wish to earn my master’s degree.”

Johannes: “Not as of right now.”

What will you tell your friends and family about your trip when you go home?

Florian: “Everything I accomplished and experienced, the differences between America – Germany as well pros and cons.”

Johannes: “I’ll tell them that it was really interesting, and that I learned a lot. Also, that I really enjoyed being part of the football team here at CNU.”

Have you had the chance to travel outside of campus yet?

Florian: “Not yet. Except necessary trips to Walmart. Without a car it is very hard to travel around. Maybe I‘ll make a trip over Thanksgiving. But I‘m staying at CNU for the spring term as well, so I have enough time to discover the landscape around me.”

Johannes: “Not really, I’ve only had the chance to go to some nearby restaurants.”

There you have it Captains, until next time!

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