Weekly Recaps of Pizza My Mind

pizzamymindlogoCNU’s Pizza My Mind gives employers the chance to showcase their career and internship opportunities to students within the PCSE department. Not only is this an opportunity for the employers, but for the students as well. We all know that we should attend as many Pizza My Mind’s as possible. There’s free pizza and drinks! But most importantly, Pizza My Mind offers free information and networking. Although there is no denying that going to Pizza My Mind is beneficial, attending becomes tricky as the semester progresses. There’s homework to be done, tests to study for and because of this, Pizza My Mind can at times be put on the back burner. That’s why someone suggested that I blog about the Pizza My Mind programs for those who didn’t have the chance to attend. Every Friday, I will post about that week’s Pizza my Mind, I will write about who presented, what information and opportunities they offered and pictures will be included! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and keeps an eye out for next Friday’s post about PMM.

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