Engineering as Told by a Football Player

Darren Gary

Darren Gary

James Stinnett

James Stinnett











Can you believe that it’s already time for Homecoming Weekend? This year is really flying by! This weekend is packed full with all different kinds of events to attend. We have the 5th annual Golf Tournament, Glow in the Darcapella, Midnight Madness, the Family Field Festival, the tailgate and many more events all leading up to the Homecoming football game Saturday night. In honor of Homecoming Weekend, today’s blog post will be about two football players within our department. I got the chance the interview Darren Gary and James Stinnett earlier this week about what it’s like being a student athlete and striving to be an Engineer.

What was it like being recruited to play college football?

Darren: “It was a fun experience. I got the opportunity to tour many colleges and got free game tickets. It all got me really excited to come to play for CNU.”

James: “The process of getting recruited to play college football is a fun experience. As a high school football player you have dreams to play on the ‘next level’ and it’s a great feeling when you know you’re going to get the opportunity to do so.”

What position do you play on the field?

Darren: I play Running Back.”

James: “I am an Inside Linebacker.”

What are your predictions for this weekend’s game?

Darren: “We’ve been looking pretty good at practice and if we execute on Saturday like we have been, then I believe that we can take the win.”

James: “Frostburg State seems to have a solid football team. We feel they have yet to play a truly challenging opponent. We’re hoping to start off strong and set the tone of the game. If we play disciplined and limit mental errors, then we believe we will beat Frostburg State.”

What is your major, and when did you know you wanted to be an engineer?

Darren: “I am majoring in Electrical engineering. I knew I wanted to be an engineer early on. I used to always take things apart and always ask why something worked the way it did.”

James: “My major is computer engineering. I decided I wanted to be a computer engineer at the beginning of my senior year in high school.”

What is the hardest part of being a student athlete in the PCSE department?

Darren: “The hardest part is the time management. I always feel like I have no time to myself between practices, games, homework, projects, etc.”

James: “The hardest part of being a student athlete in our department, to me, is time management. It is very difficult to find time for our rigorous assignments after practicing for about 25 hours a week on average.”

Is it all worth it?

Darren: “It’s usually all worth it in the end.”

James: “I believe it is all worth it. It may be difficult however I believe it can be done. You have to work a little harder than everybody else as a student athlete which can be helpful as we get into the real world after college.”

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