What You Missed at Pizza My Mind

Marty Smith

Thursday’s Pizza My Mind was packed full of 139 PCSE students attentive to what AMSEC had to present. For those of you that weren’t there, AMSEC provides services that “encompass a full range of hull, mechanical, and electrical systems; command, control, and communication systems; information technology; and engineering and design.” They employ over 2,000 people at 35 locations all over the world! Their core values are: integrity, safety, honesty, engagement, responsibility and performance. The presenter, Marty Smith, made a comment about looking for these values in prospective employees. AMSEC is CMMI Development Level 3 and 1SO 9001-2008 certified. A major recognition is that they received the Grace Hopper government technology leadership award.

Alongside the presenter, Mr. Marty Smith, Manager of Project Management was PCSE alumn, R. Adam White. White graduated last spring with a B.S. in Information Systems and is currently enrolled in the PCSE 5 year master’s program. After Smith finished up with an overview of the company, White stepped up and talked about his personal experience with AMSEC. He talked about the benefits that came along with working for AMSEC. When he first started working with the company, he was still working towards his diploma at CNU. He mentioned that a few of the benefits were: AMSEC’s closeness to campus, he was able to work from home when needed and they were understanding whenever he needed to focus on schoolwork. Although he was working for AMSEC, they emphasized that school came first. White finished up his part of the presentation by stating that “I feel like I make an impact in this organization.”

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