What You Missed at Pizza My Mind

130 PSCE students attended yesterday’s Pizza My Mind, presented by Swisslog. For those of you who were unable to attend, Swisslog “designs, develops and delivers best-in-class automation solutions for forward-thinking hospitals, warehouses and distribution centers.” The first person who presented was Mr. Steve Thorne, Director of Software Engineering.  Mr. Thorne shared the company’s overview, and explained to the CNU audience that Swisslog’s vision was to be recognized for outstanding expertise, service and quality, to improve the way how people do their work and to add value to their customers’ processes. As a part of his presentation he showed two videos. The first one was a short clip that showed the warehouse and how things are moved around using the technology that they have created. The second video was a commercial that aired on TV, the commercial showed the efficiency and quickness of Swisslog’s services.  Another slide that really stood out was when he was presenting the kinds of companies that Swisslog has done work for. There were a lot of name brand companies such as Target and Walmart. Once the company overview was done, it was finally time to mention the internship and job opportunities that Swisslog has to offer. “Swisslog is looking for interns as well as full-time employees. We’re looking for software Engineers, students in Information Systems, Controls Engineers, Computer/Electrical and mechanical Engineers”, said Mr. Thorne.  He also mentioned that there is a paid internship program offered and that 8 CNU students have already interned for the company. 5 of those interns ended up working for Swisslog full time! Louis Gomez, a current CNU student studying computer science came up to the stand to talk about his experience working for Swisslog. He said that he has been there since this past May and that it’s been a great experience. He continued to mention that he has been able to apply what he’s learned from CNU courses to his work. He finished his small speech with: “The stuff I do matters and that’s the best part of working for Swisslog.”

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